Live Show

Back to Bedlam

Back to Bedlam is a podcast of the strange, weird, unbelievable and down right stupid. Kuzz and Tex will talk about everything from other cultures, countries, myths, urban legends, music, movies, sports and everything in between.

Our topics will be more of a weird and crazy subject matter and will tend to go random. We will not be commenting on politics or current events.

Please spread the word on our new show and make sure you buckle in…it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Who are we?

We aren’t exactly sure. We are everyone and we are no one. We are Ying and Yang, we are Good and Evil, we are Saints and Sinners and we are everything and nothing. We are who we choose to be and in this world today, that’s saying a lot.

Back to Bedlam is broadcasted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is a live stream and is totally interactive. All platforms, information and updates can be accesses via our website: